How to turn off Kindle Paperwhite

As Kindle Paperwhite users, battery life is likely a major factor that enables us to enjoy reading ebooks wherever we go without worrying about plugging in another device.

Compared to tablets, Amazon Paperwhite’s long-lasting battery already sets it apart.

However, there are still simple ways we can maximize its battery efficiency even more. One easy method is learning how to manually turn off our Paperwhite when not in use for extended periods.

Understanding Kindle Paperwhite sleep and auto-shutoff

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB)

Unlike smartphones and tablets, Kindles does not have a single power button to switch the device fully on or off. Instead, Paperwhite has two low battery usage states:

  1. Sleep mode – After a few minutes of inactivity, Paperwhite enters a sleep state while still allowing fast wake speeds.
  2. Auto shutoff – After longer inactive periods, say an hour, Paperwhite shuts down completely while saving a bookmark.

However, we can also choose to manually turn off our Kindle Paperwhite as well for maximum battery savings.

How to turn your Kindle Paperwhite off

Turning Paperwhite off fully maximizes battery life for vacations or periods of days without reading. To turn off your Paperwhite:

  1. On your Kindle’s Home screen, tap the Quick Settings icon from top menu.
  2. On Quick Settings menu, tap the “All Settings” option.
  3. On Settings Page, select “Device Options.”
  4. Under Device Options, tap the toggle button next to “Airplane Mode” to enable it. This turns off all wireless connections.
  5. Finally, press and hold the power button next to power indicator light for 7-8 seconds until the screen goes completely black and Kindle fully powers down.

Once completely turned off, simply press and hold the power button again for several seconds to power your Paperwhite back on as normal.

So for optimal Kindle Paperwhite battery savings during vacations, extended non-reading periods, or preserving a full charge for an upcoming trip, now you know how to manually power it down fully. Then turn it back on once your next reading session starts!

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